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1 litre of gin (your choice)


250 to 500g Caster Sugar


(depending on how sweet you like your gin) 



1lb sloes or damsons


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Sloe or damson gin

The jars, filled with sugar, gin and fruit, need turning regularly until the sugar has dissolved, then tucking away in a dark corner for a few months while the magic gets to work.

Sloes or damsons 1 lb.
Sugar 250 to 500g
Gin  1.0 litre 

For fresh sloes.


On receipt freeze the fruit in a sealable plastic bag, they can then be used when required.

Pour gin over the fruit to fill the jars, add the sugar, Seal and leave in a cool place, preferably for two to three months. Turn the jars over from time to time – I do it every few days - or give them a respectful shake. Filter the gin through a muslin-lined funnel into the reserved gin bottles. Store in a cool place.

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