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  • How many Sloes do you need to make 1 litre of Sloe gin?
    As a general rule, one pound of sloes equates to one litre of sloe gin!
  • Is it better to use Fresh or Frozen Sloes to make sloe gin?
    Either fresh or frozen sloes produce excellent sloe gin. We recommend freezing sloeberries, as when they've been frozen it breaks the skins open which intensifies the flavour and speeds up the infusion process. Alternatively, the traditional method is to prick each sloe berry with a thorn from a blackthorn bush.
  • How long do I need to infuse the sloes in the gin?
    Ideally, three months. However, you can speed the process up by gently shaking the container on a daily basis, then you could expect your gin to be ready for consumption in around two months. You can of course leave your gin to infuse for as long as you like.
  • Where do we pick the sloes?
    We hand pick all of our sloeberries in the Norfolk and Suffolk countryside.
  • Are sloeberries hard to find?
    We spend the months, when we are not picking, looking for blackthorn bushes, and yes - they are hard to find. However, even when a bush is found, it can never be guaranteed to produce sloes. We are very reliant on bees to pollenate the blossom, as if they don't, no sloeberries will be produced. Unlike apple trees and other fruits, which can be wind pollenated, sloe's are only pollenated by the bee.
  • Can i create an account?
    Yes, you can create an account at checkout, this allows you to see your previous orders.
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